‘Snivelling little creep’ Tony Blair sparks fury with ‘lower league’ jibe at Boris

Tony Blair: Mother of dead soldier slams knighthood

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The former Prime Minister delivered his first speech since facing backlash over his knighthood earlier this year. Sir Tony said Britain’s standing on the world stage will continue to slip unless there is “radical change in the governing of the country and its politics”.

He claimed that while Mr Johnson may or may not leave over the Partygate scandal the real problem for Britain is the “absence of a Government plan” for the country’s future.

However, the former Labour Prime Minister has once again sparked backlash online with Britons telling him to “keep his nose and opinions” out of politics.

One Twitter user, known as Ali, tweeted: “Who thinks Tony Blair should keep his nose and opinions out of British politics?

“He’s a snivelling little creep who should be inside for war crimes anyway.”

KD replied and said: “Okay he did achieve some good, but that does not negate the s**t he also did.

“He needs to pipe down.”

Express.co.uk reader, Pockets 051, commented: “This guy just doesn’t know when to shut up and disappear.”

Margaretfan added: “Not interested in this ex-PMs opinion.

“He had his day and made a complete mess of this country.”

With Halpilk simply saying: “Shut up Blair.”

And JL77 wrote: “Nothing to do with you so butt out!”

CMG1 echoed: “Nobody asked for you opinion Blair.”

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In his online address, Sir Tony said: “There is a gaping hole in the governing of Britain where new ideas should be.

“We are living through three revolutionary changes simultaneously and are ill-prepared for any of them.

“Each of them would require major changes to the way we work as a nation.

“All of them together pose a challenge which is unprecedented in recent history.”

Sir Tony took aim at the Government’s “levelling up” agenda.

The former Prime Minister said: “Other than a desire to give opportunity to those without it, which is obviously hard to disagree with, the slogan risks misdirecting the framing of the country’s problem.

“We face a national challenge – all the country, not simply the areas ‘left behind’.”

He added: “I understand completely the rage against what happened in Downing Street during lockdown and how the country feels.

“Maybe Boris Johnson goes and maybe he doesn’t.

“But the real problem is the absence of a Government plan for Britain’s future.”

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