SNP shamed: BBC host stuns Ian Blackford in heated Brexit row – ‘So you want no deal?’

Brexit: Ian Blackford grilled over SNP's stance on trade deal

Ian Blackford was accused of trying to plunge the UK “into chaos” after the SNP’s Westminster leader confirmed plans to vote against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. BBC News host Lewis Vaughan Jones rebuked Mr Blackford for his party’s Brexit deal tactics. He suggested that the Scottish MPs were “effectively voting for no deal”.

MPs are being recalled to vote on the deal on 30 December, as the Government hopes for both the Commons and Lords to approve the plan on the same day.

Holyrood’s presiding officer also confirmed that the Scottish Parliament would be recalled to consider the deal on the same day

Mr Blackford told the BBC that the SNP do not back the deal, adding: “The best deal is the one we currently have, where we are in the single market and the customs union.

“The report you had pointed out that 80 percent of our economy is in services. There is no part of this deal for services.”

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He added: “The UK Government knows that this Brexit will only make us poorer. In Scotland, each individual will be on average £600 poorer. It is economic vandalism.

“All that talks about taking control of the seas was rubbish. The fishermen know once again they have been sold out.”

Mr Vaughan Jones asked: “When it comes to a vote on the 30th December, MPs will get their say. Will you support this post-Brexit deal?”

Mr Blackford responded: “No, because it is madness, this deal we are being asked to support.

Brexit: SNP's Mike Russell slams Johnson's deal with EU

“We know this deal is going through, because the Labour Party and Tory Party will be whipped.”

The senior SNP MP said that the deal reinforces the case for Scottish independence. 

He explained: “The key thing is we were told in 2014 that if we stayed in the UK, when we had our referendum, our rights as EU citizens would be respected.

“This shows once again that Scotland’s voice has been ignored.”


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The BBC host hit back: “Now, if the vote was close, if Labour decided to do things differently, and the votes of the SNP would make a difference, are you seriously saying you would carry on and vote for effectively a no deal and plunge the UK into chaos?”

Mr Blackford rejected this question, claiming: “This deal is going through because Labour and Tory are voting for it.”

Viewers reacted furiously to the interview, with one person tweeting: “Ian Blackford on BBC news right now explaining that the SNP are going to vote for no deal. Except he hasn’t realised that’s what he’s saying.”

Another viewer added: “Just listened to Mr Blackford on BBC news moaning about the Brexit deal, and turning all around to independence.” 

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