Suella Braverman slaps down Yvette Cooper over Labour ‘hysteria’

Suella Braverman slapped down Yvette Cooper in the House of Commons, accusing her opposite number of embarking on “five minutes of hysteria, histrionics and criticism”. This came after Ms Cooper criticised the Home Secretary’s plan to stop small boats from smuggling migrants into Britain. But Ms Braverman ridiculed the Labour politician, saying: “I’ve still got no idea what Labour’s plan is.”

Ms Cooper launched into a furious criticism of the Government’s plans, which will stop asylum, modern slavery, and human rights laws being used by migrants who have breached Britain’s borders.

She said the asylum system is “broken”, but accused the Conservative party of having “broken it”.

Ms Cooper warned that the system is “deeply damaged”, adding: “There’s no point in ministers trying to blame anyone else for it. They have been in power.”

But Ms Braverman hit back, saying: “Deep down, the leader of the opposition doesn’t want to stop the boats.”

She claimed: “Labour are against deterring people who would come here illegally. They are against detaining people who do come here illegally, and they are against deporting people who are here illegally. That means, Mr Speaker, that they are for this situation getting worse and worse.”

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