Taxpayer money going to China for energy bills – Beijing ‘has power to switch off lights!’

China’s influence on UK public utilities discussed by Armstrong

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The Henry Jackson Society’s Sam Armstrong has warned that China holds a “serious” influence over UK public utilities. He went onto argue that taxpayer’s everyday spending on water and heating was being directed to Chinese-owned firms. He discussed the Chinese ownership of key UK infrastructure with Richard Tice on TalkRADIO, and warned that China “increasingly wishes us harm.”

Mr Armstrong told TalkRADIO: “For you listeners, no matter where they are in the country if they have got right now the kettle turned on, the water heater through the gas heating their electricity, or just the faucet running water at their home.

“The money that they are spending is being sent straight in the direction of China.

“There are two reasons why I think this is really serious, the first is as you say there is British taxpayers’ money here.

“They have not got a choice about who they pay electricity fees to it is still all going back to same universal generation network, same with gas, same with water.

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“That money is all being sent off to China,” he added.

“But the second thing is that these are our critical national supplies.

“Without these, the whole country literally shuts down.”

Armstrong continued: “We have been left in a position where over a number of years ever slowly we have been handing over more, and more, and more, of our critical national infrastructure to a country that increasingly wishes us harm

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“We have seen that China is put its arm around the Taliban.

“It’s gleeful about our defeat.

“At the question, we have got to ask is, is it a good thing for them to own the capacity to turn off the lights and the water tap?”

It comes as Xi Jinping comes under fire from Chinese parents after a new school textbook was rolled out containing pictures and quotes of the Chinese leader.


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France 24 presenters Victor Mallet and Regis Le Sommier remarked that the propaganda resembled that used in the era of former Chinese dictator Mao Zedong.

Mr Mallet went on to say that parents in China have reacted angrily to their children being targeted with pro Xi propaganda.

“I think it is very disturbing,” he told France 24.

“I don’t think the outside world has quite…I mean this was greeted with a lot of hostility by Chinese parents in Mainland China.”

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