‘They cannot handle the truth’ Britons lash out at ‘showboating’ Macron’s fishing tantrums

Macron says ‘the ball is in Britain’s court’

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Having previously threatened the UK with sanctions from Tuesday if it did not issue more licenses to French fishermen, Macron backed down and withdrew the threats, saying that “talks need to continue.” He said: “Since this afternoon, discussions have resumed on the basis of a proposal I made to Prime Minister Johnson. The talks need to continue.”

“My understanding is that the British were going to come back to us tomorrow with other proposals.

“All that will be worked on. We’ll see where we are tomorrow at the end of the day, to see if things have really changed. My wish is that we can find a way out on all these issues.”

Speaking about Mr Macron’s decision to suspend the threats, Artus Galiay, the representative to the UK for the Hauts-de-France region that includes Calais, said that the president was either “chickening out because they have now realised the impact is too extreme” or that he was “conscious” of the damage when he made the threats and was “not actually willing to go that far”.

After backing down on his initial threats, Express.co.uk readers hit out at the French president.

One reader, called ‘Sterling77a’, described Macron as being “steeped in vindictiveness and spite”, praising the UKs “great successful Brexit”.

They said: “The pathetic EU Trolls are up early…….From the numerous childish remarks by persistent EU sycophants on this thread, it is obvious many, like Macron, are steeped in vindictiveness and spite.

“They cannot handle the truth that reinforces the view the deluded EU is a dysfunctional trade cartel pretending to be a government.

“It is without relevance and an almighty failed and corrupt bureaucracy.

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“These EU Trolls comments demonstrate a sarcastic mindset, proving they cannot help themselves when expressing jealousy and envy at our great successful Brexit.”

This comes after Macron was criticised by a French official for “showboating”, telling the president to engage in “political dialogue” instead.

Another Express.co.uk reader, Blodwyn, criticised Macron’s “demands”, saying: “Macron demands !!! What a little pip squeak he is, no manners whatsoever.

“Horrible little man who is trying to act like the equally horrid VDL.”

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Meanwhile, Violetia said they “would like to have seen how Thatcher would have dealt with Macron.”

They added: “She was our last minister who ironically had a pair!”

A fourth reader, with the username ‘UKHomeofTheRighteous’ wrote: “Our waters, our fish, our decision who fishes here. Got it? Good.”

Speaking earlier this week Mr Galiay said that Mr Macron’s rhetoric was “inappropriate and even dangerous”.

He told Express.co.uk: “We want to make sure that this crisis is solved because it is in everyone’s interests.”

“It requires not just political dialogue but also political goodwill.”

“Their reaction has been really inappropriate and even dangerous for the very simple reason that the French-British border is extremely complex,

“You have five million lorries going to that border, close to a few hundred billion Euros in trade.

“Basically they’re threatening to jeopardise all that to make it less efficient is really risking jobs and the workers’ livelihoods, not just in our region but also France, and in Europe.

“So it is really totally inappropriate.”

He also called on the UK to do more to alleviate the row, saying: “Our position is very simple.

“We believe that our fishermen have the right to fish in UK waters because this is what is enshrined in the treaty between the UK and EU.”

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