Tory Polish MP rages at Starmer for ‘racist’ remarks about Poland

A Conservative MP, who was born in Poland, has written to Sir Keir Starmer accusing him of “racism” and demanding he apologises for remarks made about the country of his birth. was handed the letter by Shrewsbury Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski ahead of Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) today when Sir Keir repeated the remark in his first question to Rishi Sunak.

Sir Keir said: “After 13 years of Tory failure the average family in Britain will be poorer than the average family in Poland by 2030.

“That’s a shocking state of affairs. If the Tories limp on in government, we are going to see a generation of young people learning to say ‘Auf Weidersehen, Pet’ in Polish, aren’t we?”

The remarks have infuriated Mr Kawczynski was born in Poland and chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group for Poland.

In a letter sent about similar remarks used by Starmer earlier this week, Mr Kawczynski said: “I feel that your portrayal of Poland as a benchmark for economic comparison and scaremongering that ‘Brits will soon be worse off than people in Poland’ is not only unfair and unjust but also borders on racism.”

He went on: “Poland is a proud and hard-working nation, and to suggest that Britain will be poorer than Poland within a few years is not only disrespectful but also fails to recognise the strides made by Poland in recent years, especially since the fall of communism.

“Poland has been experiencing sustained economic growth for over a decade, and we should cherish that, as they are an important ally of the United Kingdom.”

The senior Tory backbencher added: “Your comments criticising our economy and mentioning Poland not only undermine the hard work of the British people but also show a lack of respect for the Polish people and their achievements.

“As leaders, we must ensure that our words reflect our commitment to working together and building strong, positive relationships with our European neighbours.

“Therefore, I urge you to reconsider your comments and focus on providing constructive feedback and suggestions on how we can work together to improve the British economy. I look forward to working with you on this crucial issue.”

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