Ursula von der Leyen warned to ‘learn from mistakes’ of Brexit or risk Polexit pressure

EU: Andrew Allison discusses possibility of 'Polexit'

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Andrew Allison, Chief Executive of The Freedom Association, spoke to Mr Doland and said, at this time, Polexit was unlikely. However, he warned that the European Union needed to learn from its mistakes with Brexit Britain. Mr Dolan said: “There is a standoff between the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and Poland and the Polish Government.

“This is regarding the jurisdiction of the Polish courts in relation to the EU courts.

“Do you think Polexit is on the cards?”

Mr Allison explained that he believed that Polexit is unlikely at this time but he did issue a warning.

He said: “Not really, no, the majority of people in Poland, if the opinion polls are to be believed still want to remain inside the EU.

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“I can’t see the EU expelling Poland although the EU never seems to learn from its mistakes.

“Angela Merkel was telling the European Council was telling them that a few weeks ago.

“She was saying don’t make the mistakes of the past, don’t treat Poland in the same way you have the UK.

“Don’t have a cascade of litigation coming down on Poland because that is not the way to go about it.

EU member states 'questioning union' following Poland clash

“But I do think ultimately Poland is a small country, it is a not particularly rich country and I think it will remain inside the European Union.”

This month, Poland saw a number of rallies held in response to its top court ruling that said key EU laws were “incompatible” with the Polish constitution.

The ruling raised concerns Poland could follow Britain and leave the EU.

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However, the Polish government has denied having such intentions.

Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, defended the ruling and said his party had no plans for Polexit.

He wrote on Facebook: “This is a harmful myth, which the opposition uses for its own lack of ideas about Poland’s responsible place in Europe.”

Now, in his latest column in the Telegraph, Daniel Hannan has said the EU will never allow its member states to be sovereign as Brussels is “sovereign over its member countries”.

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