‘Walked into trap laid by BBC!’ Charles Walker slams Dominic Cummings fantasy revelations

Dominic Cummings 'walked into a trap' says Charles Walker

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Charles Walker appeared on GB News where he discussed the BBC interview with former aide Dominic Cummings and the revelation that he and other aides discussed attempting to remove Prime Minister Boris Johnson from office. The interview, which has seen cross-party condemnation, was argued by Mr Walker to be a “trap” for Mr Cummings who was lured into revealing his plans without considering how people would respond to them. Mr Walker then added that while he has not been supportive of the Government’s pandemic plans, it was not right for unelected aides to be choosing who should lead the country.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Walker was asked his opinions on the Cummings interview where he alleged the Prime Minister wanted to still meet with the Queen at the height of the pandemic. 

He said: “I’ve not been a great fan as you know of the Conservative Government’s response, for the politicians’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“But I have to say on this, I mean you just have to look at the way it’s being reported in the newspapers today.

“They say basically that Dominic has done himself a huge amount of damage and walked into a trap, laid by the BBC.

“I mean you can’t have advisors talking about cues and disposing of prime ministers.”

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Dominic Cummings spoke with Laura Kunssberg during an exclusive interview with the BBC. 

The former aide discussed his time working at Downing Street and has been a staunch critic of Boris Johnson since he left in November 2020. 

In the lead-up to the interview, Mr Cummings leaked several messages from the Prime Minister who called the former Health Secretary Matt Hancock “hopeless”. 

Messages also showed Mr Johnson asking Mr Cummings what he should do with regards to the pandemic. 

Dominic Cummings on plan to 'get rid' of Boris Johnson

Mr Cummings also accused Mr Hancock of lying about care home testing and said he should have been fired for many reasons. 

But in the recent sit-down with Ms Kuenssberg, Mr Cummings revealed he and some other aides discussed removing Mr Johnson from office when he was elected on a landslide majority in 2019. 

He suggests the PM was unfit for the job and felt it was the right thing to do. 

Mr Cummings also attacked Carrie Johnson for “pulling the strings” in No10 by using her influence to promote and install close friends in positions of power. 


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Mr Cummings said Mrs Johnson was appointing “clowns” to the roles. 

Mr Johnson was also scorned by Mr Cummings after he allegedly still wanted to meet with the Queen during the pandemic. 

It was feared the Prime Minister, who has already had COVID-19, could pass the coronavirus onto the Queen. 

Ms Kuenssberg was not impressed by the allegations from Mr Cummings and branded his actions “a con” on the British public considering he is an unelected official. 

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