What goes around comes around Leo! Irish PM’s HUGE backlash amid EU budget crisis

Leo Varadkar, who resigned as Ireland’s Taoiseach (prime minister) last night but will stay on as care taker until a new leader is found, has hit out at the European Council’s “unacceptable terms” in the bloc’s crunch budget talks. The Irish leader accused EU chiefs Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel of offering a poor deal that saw Ireland contribute vast sums of money to the EU budget without getting much back. But several political commentators have scoffed at Mr Varadkar’s apparent change of heart, after he frequently sided with the EU during the blocs’ Brexit negotiations.

Andrew Pierce, a journalist and political commentator, wrote on Twitter: “Leo Varadkar refusing to agree Ireland must pay more to EU.

“He’s changed his tune about the EU which he championed against UK over Brexit.”

Christopher Snowdon, an author, also mocked Mr Varadkar’s recent criticism of the EU.

He wrote: “‘Leo Varadkar criticised President Michel and President Von der Leyen for offering Ireland a bad proposal that saw the country contributing a lot of the EU budget without getting much back.’ Imagine that!”

Other Twitter users were also unsympathetic to Mr Varadkar’s despair at the EU’s proposals.

One person said: “Leo Varadkar criticised EU for offering Ireland a bad proposal that saw the country contributing a lot of the EU budget without getting much back.

“He thought it was a good proposal when we were funding it.”

Another user wrote: “Funny how these staunch Europeans all turn agains the EU now they have to pay for it themselves.”

A third said: “EU poodle Leo Varadkar… not laughing now though is he!”

Another user wrote: “From puppet to, well nothing really!!!”

Earlier today Mr Varadkar, who will remain as Taoiseach until a new government is formed, said Ireland would not accept the EU’s current budget proposals.

He said: “I met with President Michel and President von der Leyen last night and the proposal on the table is one we can’t accept.

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“Essentially it means Ireland will contribute much more to the EU budget but will actually receive less back in terms of payments to Irish farmers and also funds for regional development and social development.

“We accept that as a country, as a growing economy will full employments we will have to pay more into the EU budget over the next seven years.

“But we can’t accept in return for paying more in we would see very significant cuts to cap and to cohesion funds.

“That’s not something we can accept and I made that very clear to President von der Leyen and President Michel last night.

“On that basis I don’t think we will have an agreement today on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF).”

Former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe said the outgoing Irish leader’s comments suggest the reality of Brexit is finally setting in.

He said: “Varadkar is saying the current EU budget is unacceptable as Ireland would pay more and get less.

“Are the realities of Brexit finally setting in? They’ve lost billions and billions from us leaving.

“Either make cuts or someone pays more. Brits won’t foot the bill forever!”

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