‘Why is that different?’ Starmer squirms as he tries to explain drinking at work picture

Keir Starmer is grilled over photo of him drinking with staff

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Sir Keir Starmer squirmed during an interview with BBC’s Sophie Raworth this morning as he was confronted over his own boozy lockdown pictures. He was asked to explain a photo snapped of the Labour leader from last year which appeared to show him drinking a beer while chatting to party staff indoors. At the time, England was in step two of the lockdown roadmap which banned indoor mixing between households unless it was for work.

This comes as the Labour leader told the PM it would be in the “national interest” for him to resign and urged Tories to get “rid of him” if he refuses.

Ms Raworth asked: “Have you broken Covid rules?”

When Sir Keir denied breaking any rules, Ms Raworth pressed: “So what is that photograph taken last year, at the end of April? Just explain what that was.”

The Labour leader responded: “Gladly. I was in a constituency office, just days before the by-election.

“We were very busy, we were working hard and we stopped for something to eat and we then carried on working.”

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He continued: “There is absolutely no comparison to the Prime Minister.

“That is not a breach of the rules, that is not a party, and there is no comparison.

“It shows how far the Conservatives are sinking that they are trying to pretend there is some comparison between this and the industrial-scale partying the PM has been up to.”

Ms Raworth countered: “But take the ‘cheese and wine’ photography in the Downing Street garden, how is that any different?

Labour MP responds to Keir Starmer's alleged drinks gathering

“They say it was a meeting, you say you were in a meeting, how is that any different?

“They were having cheese and wine, they were having a work meeting – like you were.

“They were outside, which is actually safer than being inside and drinking a beer with colleagues.”


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An agitated Sir Keir reiterated that there was “simply no comparison”.

Earlier in the interview, he accused the Prime Minister of breaking the law by having No 10 parties.

The opposition leader said: “I think he broke the law. I think he admitted he broke the law. I think he then lied.

“We’re now a country paralysed by the weakness of the Prime Minister. In the national interest, he has to go.”

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