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Austrian capital Vienna said Thursday it would tighten coronavirus restrictions to only allow those vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 to enter restaurants, go to hairdressers and attend bigger gatherings. The

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Entanglement. One word. Four syllables. A euphemism for an extra-marital relationship that broke the internet. While our celebrity obsessed culture watched the fantasy we purported of the pristine image of

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Hokkaido University scientists and colleagues in Japan have found a way that could help some patients overcome resistance to an immunotherapy treatment for cancer. The approach, proven in mice experiments,

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In recent years, scientists have developed monoclonal antibodies—proteins that mimic the body’s own immune defenses—that can combat a variety of diseases, including some cancers and autoimmune disorders such as Crohn’s

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In a U.S. and Swiss study, nearly all patients with cancer developed good immune response to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines three to four weeks after receiving their second dose, but