The Creamiest Asparagus Pasta!

Good morning. Eric Kim has a lovely story in The Times this week about using seaweed to add subtle umami to dishes, as in this creamy asparagus pasta recipe (above)

What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. Tejal Rao has a column in The New York Times Magazine this week about the Brazilian confection known as brigadeiros (above), fudgy little bonbons rolled in cocoa powder.

Give Thanks for This Simple Pleasure

LONDON — Delicious Thanksgiving dinners planned all around, I trust? However relatively small the gathering, the fact that this year has been so unexpected makes sitting down for a familiar

How to Do Thanksgiving With Less Waste

DeVonne Jackson’s earliest memories of Thanksgiving begin with her grandmother Velma Jackson, who prepared curried goat while singing the folksy Jamaican tune “Ram Goat Liver.” “Ram goat liver good fi

A Stirring Stir Fry

Good morning. A classic Mississippi Roast is really a no-recipe recipe: It’s just a beef chuck roast placed in a slow cooker with dry-packaged ranch dressing and “au jus” gravy,

Your Monday Briefing

Coronavirus, QAnon, Trump: Here’s what you need to know. By Natasha Frost Good morning. We’re covering the steep increase in coronavirus cases in Europe, the growing popularity of QAnon among