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The Hanson brothers’ hands are full! Taylor Hanson, Zac Hanson and Isaac Hanson exclusively told Us Weekly about their future family plans after cumulatively welcoming 15 children. The Hansons’ Next

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JUST IN CASE you missed the release party, Beyond Meat started rolling out a new version of their Beyond Burger earlier this month. Beyond Meat press materials called the “next

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The ozone layer is the earth’s shield against harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. It helps to absorb UVA and UVB radiation before it gets to the ground (per National

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By Sam Sifton Good morning. How are you? I drove out to the woods the other day before dawn and was in them as the sun started its ascent. I

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Buying athletic clothing, especially leggings, can be hit or miss. You never know if the leggings will be see-through, easily damaged during countless washes, or honestly, just bad quality. The

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Cancer drugs called immune checkpoint inhibitors boost the immune system’s ability to find and destroy tumor cells, but they don’t work for most patients. Researchers at the Broad Institute of

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A group of four Lake Norman High School football coaches in Mooresville, North Carolina, have collectively lost over 350 pounds through running since July 2020. And together, they call themselves

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University of South Australia researchers have identified an enzyme that may help to curb chronic kidney disease, which affects approximately 700 million people worldwide. This enzyme, NEDD4-2, is critical for

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Whether running around a track or simply stretching in your living room, physical activity can go a long way toward making you happier. Catherine Sabiston, a professor in the University