2 Calgary councillors want expenses of all members, mayor to be audited

Calgary councillors Jeromy Farkas and Sean Chu are calling for a forensic investigation into Councillor Joe Magliocca’s expenses to be broadened to look at all members of council, including the mayor.

The call came on Tuesday, the same day Mayor Naheed Nenshi set a special council meeting for Wednesday afternoon to discuss the controversy surrounding Magliocca’s spending.

“I’ve heard a lot of my colleagues are quite concerned both about the behaviours of one of our colleagues but also about the overall process,” Nenshi said.

“I want to highlight that we have a very good process, and the fact that we’re having that conversation is evidence of the process working.”

According to Farkas, an all-encompassing audit would promote trust in the city’s representatives.

“Calgarians deserve to trust this council,” Farkas said.

“Council needs to step up and show leadership. We all need to be exposed to an audit and we need to be able to demo to Calgarians we are spending money wisely.”

Integrity commissioner Sal LoVecchio recused himself last week from investigating a formal complaint about Magliocca’s expense claims due to a potential conflict of interest.

Lovecchio said in a public statement on Feb. 11 that he shared a social lunch with Magliocca last summer, which the councillor later expensed to the city without his knowledge.

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