2 Kingston men arrested for separate road rage incidents at same intersection: police

Two men were arrested over the weekend for allegedly assaulting other drivers in separate road rage incidents at the same location, according to Kingston police.

The first occurred Feb. 14, when a driver going north on Division Street near Elliot Avenue noticed someone driving “erratically” behind him, police say.

The erratic driver was reportedly swerving from side to side behind the victim and was tailgating him, a police news release said.

The driver motioned out of the window, wanting to ask the other driver what the issue was, and then police say the erratic driver swerved around the him, almost hitting him and then slammed on his brakes to block him.

The accused man then got out of his vehicle and allegedly punched the first driver twice in the face through the open window.

Police say the accused also aggressively twisted the man’s wrist, causing an injury, and tore the chain off of the driver’s neck.

The accused moved away from the vehicle back towards his own, at which time the man exited his own vehicle to take a picture of the accused’s licence plate. Police say the accused assaulted the driver once again.

The incident was reported. After police say they made multiple attempts to contact the man, he finally went to police headquarter Feb. 23, where he was arrested and charged with assault.

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