£200 bed with built-in snake enclosure leaves Facebook Marketplace horrified

A bed for sale for £200 has horrified Facebook users as it has a built in snake enclosure underneath the mattress.

Originally posted in a Facebook Marketplace page for Uckfield, a town in the Wealden District of East Sussex, it eventually made its way to the satirical group Uninspiring Adverts.

There, the peculiar sleeping arrangement was mercilessly mocked and almost roundly criticised as plain weird.

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Posting a grab of the advert into the group, one Facebook user wrote: "Just what I've always wanted. To sleep on top of snakes."

The advert is titled 'double bed with snake enclosure underneath'.

Replying to the mocking post about the genuine advert, one person wrote: "I serpently wouldn't buy this."

Among all the jokes about snakes in the bedroom, a second person simply posted: "Nope. Nope. Nope."

"Hissing hell, that's not my idea of a restful night," added a third person.

But there were some people who thought the bed is "a great space saving idea" and some snake lovers who thought it could be useful.

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"I mean…I’d buy that. Running out of room for my snakes," one person said as many others pointed out it would be a heated bed, good for the winter months.

But potential buyers should be wary after news in August of a snake lover who needed fire crews to rescue his massive orange boa constrictor after it escaped and became wedged between his bedsprings.

The six-foot long boa reptile named Sid nestled within the base of a double mattress.

A a team from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service (WYFRS) responded to the bizarre call-out and retrieved the runaway serpent without causing him any injury.

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