Abortion rights activists strip naked at church service in pro-choice protest

Women protesting for abortion rights in the US were filmed stripping naked during a service at a pro-life church to stand up for their right to choose.

A woman was seen standing on one of the pews with nothing but fake leaves covering her parts as fully clothed protesters with handprints on their breasts were stood by her side chanting: "Abortion is our policy."

The woman, who has been compared to 'Eve' from the Bible, was grabbed by both of her arms and forced to leave the premises as her older accomplice was also escorted out on Sunday, June 12.

A video of the incident was shared on Instagram by @feminist, captioned: "Activists protested their right to abortion during a Sunday Mass.

"Wednesday, June 15th at 10AM EST the US Supreme Court is expected to make their decision on the Dobbs V Jackson Women's Health Center case.

"This decision will decide the fate of Roe V Wade in the US. Abortion is a human right, all people are entitled to free, safe and legal reproductive health care."

It has reached more than 150,000 likes since it was posted yesterday (June 14) but the comments were divided on the actions of the protesters.

One user wrote: "I am loving what I see. Honestly, churches need something spicier, it was like torture as a kid attending mass.

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"In all seriousness, thank you to all these brave activists sharing an important message and taking the battle to their home when they always take it to ours."

Another added: "They love going to abortion clinics and making a scene. Oh, how the turn tables."

A third commented: "Part of me feels this is disrespectful but then again they bombard people with their message too!"

A fourth said: "I’m pro-choice… but I can honestly say this isn’t the way to get the message across or produce change. All this does is create more confusion and resistance."

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Americans are currently awaiting a decision by the Supreme Court on whether a landmark abortion ruling will be overturned as a result is expected today.

A draft decision to quash Roe vs Wade was leaked weeks ago which could determine whether the state where a woman lives could decide whether she can legally get an abortion.

More protests are expected outside the court leading up to the decision, according to authorities.

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