Asda delivery driver caught with pants down appearing to wipe bum after pooing

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An Asda customer was left sickened after filming a delivery driver with his trousers down apparently wiping his bum after having a poo.

In the video, which is credited to ImJustSheff, the delivery driver is stood outside the van with his bum exposed.

The Asda driver then grabs some toilet roll he has on his passenger seat and wipes his backside three times while the customer continues to record him.

He drops the dirty toilet paper onto the floor and pulls his underwear and trousers back up.

The customer who filmed the video accused the driver of taking a dump on the street in Rotherham on Wednesday (November 3) Examiner Live reports.

He protected the driver's identity in the clip by hiding his face underneath a vomiting emoji.

The video was uploaded on social media where it sparked backlash from other Asda customers, although some speculated the driver might have an upset stomach and had sympathy for him.

Asda Service Team commented: "Hi there, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

"Please could you DM some more information, including the date, time, and location of this so I can locate the driver?"

When approached by Yorkshire Live, an Asda spokesperson said: ''The actions in this video fall far below the standards that we expect of our drivers and as soon as were made aware of the footage we immediately launched an internal investigation.''

Public pooing is not a new phenomenon and it seems when you gotta go, you gotta go, like this woman who unleashed terrifying diarrhea in broad daylight.

And a man was outraged when he caught a woman having a poo in his car park while her boyfriend held her handbag.

He said: "I made myself a cup of coffee and turned on the CCTV footage and I spat my coffee out all over the screen when I saw what really happened – and with no toilet paper available."

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