B.C. health officials try to dispel COVID-19 misinformation among Chinese-Canadian community

Health workers and officials in B.C. are working overtime to dispel misinformation being spread about COVID-19, particularly within the Chinese-Canadian community.

On Saturday, doctors gathered at the Aberdeen Centre shopping mall in Richmond to answer questions and bust some of the key myths about the new coronavirus, which has infected six people in the province.

Dr. Joseph Ip, one of the speakers who specializes in emergency medicine at Royal Columbian Hospital, says he and the other doctors hoped to clarify key aspects of how the virus is spread.

“Some people will say it’s airborne, some people will say it’s just droplets,” he said.

“It’s very important that we emphasize that this is a disease that is mainly spread by doplets. At this point there’s no indication that this is airborne.”

But Ip says it’s also important to remind people how to protect themselves, including everyday handwashing and other steps that can reduce transmission.

“Just by exercising personal hygiene, it will go a long way towards protecting us from infection,” he said.

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