BBC Weather: Fears of another storm as ‘explosive’ gale-force winds approach the UK

UK weather: Outbreaks of rain and strong gales expected

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BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes warned that an “explosively-developing” area of low pressure could unleash havoc across the UK next week. He told BBC Breakfast viewers that the area of low pressure will get “very strong” as “very windy weather, definitely gale-force” lashes the country. This comes as Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, warned that this weather front could turn into the UK’s second named storm in less than ten days following Storm Arwen.

Parts of the country are still reeling from the impact of Arwen, with thousands of homes set to be without power until Wednesday – 12 days after the storm struck.

Mr Fawkes warned: “Into next week we have a rapidly deepening low pressure.

“This is an explosively-developing low. It will get very strong.

“Through the week this will bring outbreaks of rain, definitely gales, and we could have some very windy weather indeed blowing our way as we head into Tuesday.”

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Mr Dale suggested that the storm – while likely to be “shortlived” – would bring “another raft of snow,” heavy rain, cold air, and frost.

Before the strong winds hit the country, Mr Fawkes told BBC viewers that the weekend forecast will be a washout for many but with some patches of sunshine.

He said: “This time last weekend we were waking up to the damage wrought by Storm Arwen.

“I’m pleased to say, although low pressure is in charge today, it is not going to chaos any problems.

BBC Weather forecasts ‘heavy rain’ across parts of UK

“Today we have a cold northwesterly wind extending in across all parts of the country.

“For many of us this morning we are starting off with some wet weather as well.

“It will brighten up in the afternoon for southern England but I’m afraid it is rain for most of the day for parts of Scotland.”


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Mr Fawkes explained: “With mountain snow in the Highlands, you might get a few centimetres.

“Overnight, our band of rain becomes very slow-moving so the rain will be reluctant to clear off from these eastern areas of England.”

He added that Sunday sees the winds “change direction” which will see a “grey and damp kind of day” for eastern areas of the country.

However, the BBC weather presenter said on Sunday, “western areas will get the best of the weather, seeing some sunshine and just an isolated shower here or there”.

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