BBC Weather: Flood chaos for Europe as continent bombarded by storm with heavy rain

BBC Weather forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas said western Europe will see some heavy showers in the new week. This could cause flooding issues for France and Italy most notably. Southeastern Europe, which saw the most intense weather from the storm will see start the week more settled with warm weather and clear skies.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “We have seen some very stormy weather across parts of Europe over the past few days.

“Firstly a medicane brought really gusty winds through western parts of Greece

“That system is now pushing itself more south.

“For southern France we have also had some really heavy showers and some flooding.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster noted that central and western Europe could expect more wet weather in the new week.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “More heavy showers to come across the south of France.

“Also for northern parts of Spain some of those showers will be pushing in to Italy as well.

“There could be further flooding problems here and into Tuesday.”

For southeastern Europe the weather is expected to become calmer after the rain and strong winds.

In the new week Turkey and parts of Greece will see warm temperatures and dry weather.

Ms Keith Lucas added: “For much of Turkey and Greece things are looking much quieter.

“The storm system that brought all that severe weather through the weekend has cleared towards the south now.

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“Sunshine extends into Croatia but then we are back into those heavy showers across parts of Italy, Switzerland and the south of France.

“Meanwhile it remains quite warm and settled in Germany towards Poland.

“But low pressure brings wet and windy weather across northern parts of Scandinavia through Monday and Tuesday as well.”

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