BBC Weather: UK weekend travel warning as 80mph winds threaten ‘real damage’

BBC Weather: Conditions mild and windy for weekend forecast

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The UK is bracing itself for an onslaught of gale-force winds, as gusts of up to 80mph lash the country. The latest BBC weather forecast showed that 60mph to 70mph winds will arrive later today, while the Met Office warned that winds could reach 80mph in exposed locations of northern Scotland. BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor issued a warning about people attending fireworks this evening.

He said: “If you are off to any fireworks tonight, it will be a windy evening.

“Strong winds will continue to pick up across parts of Scotland, and there will be heavy showers as well.”

The Met Office has already issued severe weather warnings for strong winds until late afternoon on Sunday.

It stated: “Strengthening west to northwesterly winds will bring gusts of 60-70mph perhaps locally 80mph, to exposed locations of northern Scotland.

“These winds initially across the Western Isles and north-west mainland Scotland on Saturday evening, spreading to the north-east mainland and Orkney overnight and Sunday morning.

“In combination with high spring tides, this is expected to lead to large waves around the coasts. Winds gradually easing through Sunday afternoon.”

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast, the weather presenter noted that this weekend, “we are going to see a bit of rain around”.

Mr Taylor continued: “It is going to turn increasingly windy, especially later today and into tonight.

“We have an area of low pressure moving in from the north, bringing the strengthening winds through the day.

“The wettest this morning will be parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, particularly where you are exposed to those western winds.

Weather: BBC forecasts windy conditions for fireworks night

“That rain will clear through in the afternoon, turning brighter for the north. It is largely dry for the south and east today.

“Temperatures will be up from yesterday’s values, even though it is turning windier.

“Some of the strongest winds on Sunday will be early doors. We could see them touch 60 to 70mph across the north and west of Scotland.


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He added: “That could cause some travel disruption, maybe a bit of damage too.

“Away from that, there is a lot more brightness around on Sunday. Southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and into the eastern half of England will see some sunshine.

“It will be a little bit cooler tomorrow given the winds have gone north-westerly.”

Mr Taylor said that next week “will not be a bad week overall, with temperatures around the average for this time of year”.

The meteorologist predicted “more rain to come across Scotland and Northern Ireland but it is not looking too chilly for many”.

The Met Office reported that the lowest temperature recorded on Friday was -4.9C in Benson, while the highest was 14.1C in Durham. 

They also warned that the remnants of tropical storm Wanda will head towards the UK

The Met Office tweeted: “This will cause a wave to form along the weather fronts by Tuesday and means there’s some uncertainty in the details for next week.”

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