BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood warns of blustery chills and strong gust

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts cooler conditions

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Carol Kirkwood has talked BBC Breakfast through the latest weather maps and told views there will “really notice a change” in the coming forecasts. The meteorologist warned that blustery conditions are set to take hold with chills and strong winds.

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “Look at this lovely weather watcher’s picture from Scarborough which shows some clear skies.

“But you know what that means clear skies at night it’s going to be a chilly start to the day.

“Only one degree at the moment in Glasgow and Edinburgh, five in Belfast, six in Manchester.

“Now we’ve got the clear skies so it’s going to be a sunny start as well.”

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She said: “You might find the odd pocket of mist or fog but it won’t last too long, and apart from some shows across western Scotland just fringing into eastern parts of Northern Ireland it’s a dry start.

“Again across northern England this is where you might see the odd pocket of mist but it should lift and then as we come south, a few showers in Wales and also southern England, and offshore they’ve also been quite thundery.

“Now the showers in the southwest will tend to fade as we go through the course of the morning.

“But then the clouds going to build and in will come some rain, and it’s a blustery day wherever you are.” 

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts foggy conditions

She continued: “But the winds strengthening with this band of rain through the English Channel and we still are looking at strong winds gales across Shetland.

“These are afternoon temperatures nine to about eleven degrees.

“This evening and overnight then that band of rain continues to push northwards and eastwards windy around it windy on the North Sea, and still very windy across Shetland.

“A chilly night but in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland tonight we could we’ll just see a touch of frost.”

Ms Kirkwood continued: “So then tomorrow we pick up this area of low pressure as it continues to drift slowly northwards, windy again of the coast of Western Scotland. 

“Very windy in Shetland in the northeast.

“But the driest and brightest conditions will be in Northern Ireland and will brighten up later across the far south of England with highs up to eleven.

“So you really will notice a change in the weather.”

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