Bikini-wearing hunter slammed for graphic pics posing with goat she slaughtered

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Animal lovers have reacted with fury at graphic photos of a Russian trophy hunter posing with the bloodied corpse of a Red Book ibex that she had just shot.

Pensions economist Tatyana Baulina, 32, showed off photos of the dead animal on her hunting social media, but she is now facing a check by the Russian Investigative Committee.

And she was hit by strong criticism even in Russia where hunting is much more accepted than it might be in many Western countries.

Oleg Khorokhordin is the head of the government in the Sibrean Altai Republic, where Baulina took the photos.

He said that even if Baulina had a licence for the trophy, her pictures posted on social media were “immoral”.

One picture showed the dead ibex’s horns strapped to Baulina’s backpack as she posed on a mountainside.

Others showed her posing with the slaughtered wild animal.

“I have always been indifferent to hunting and oppose the extraction of animals, which many residents of the republic consider sacred, like our whole nature,” he said.

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“The moral aspect is also important," he added. "Even if all this is legal, and there really are licenses, why publish such defiant photos and videos of the shooting on social networks?”

While there are quotas to hunt Red Book ibex, the number of these licences have been reduced 2.5 times, said Khorokhordin.

She told hunting enthusiasts that she had used a March optical rifle scope with a “40 times zoom”.

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The ibex – wild goats – had come down from the high Altai mountains ‘unprecedentedly late’, she said.

She revealed distressing footage showing how she aimed at the animal that she shot from a vantage point above the herd.

“We came to 230 metres (755ft), at a 30 degree angle – a distance that I couldn’t even dream about,” she posted.

It is believed she used a powerful Heym SR 30 straight-pull rifle for the kill.

The committee said that a check had been ordered into “reports on illegal hunting for ibex”.

Pictures showed “a young woman with the carcass of an ibex.

“During the procedural check, investigators will have to find out all the circumstances of the incident.”

After this, a decision will be made on any legal action.

Baulina was born in Tula and graduated from Moscow’s prestigious National Research University’s Higher School of Economics.

She boasted of being on hunting trips for wild boar and elk, first as an observer then a participant, to many areas of Russia.

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