‘Blizzard’ to hit Brits today in 33-hour weather warning as temperatures plummet

Blizzards are set to cause chaos today as snow, wind, and ice will lash Brits as part of a 33-hour weather warning from the Met Office.

The bleak forecast warns that the wintry conditions will blast parts of the UK throughout Tuesday and tomorrow morning (January 5).

Unlucky Brits in Scotland and northern England will see the worst of the adverse weather during the weather alert, which is in place for 33 hours.

There are three yellow warnings for the UK, the first being for snow and ice set to bring snow showers and icy stretches to northern areas of Scotland.

Blizzard-like weather will cause difficult driving, icy paths and roads if untreated, and delays in public transport.

Scots in and around Inverness can expect to see the ice blast from midnight on Tuesday until 9am on Wednesday.

The second alert affects the northern tips of the country and Scottish islands.

Heavy winds reaching up to 80mph will lash Brits throughout the morning before they start to reduce by late afternoon.

But the strong gusts will push the snow showers across these areas, between 10am and midnight.

Newcastle and Manchester are under cover of a third warning for ice, between 2am and 11am.

Roads and paths may turn treacherous as the temperature dives to polar-like conditions following overnight rain.

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Those living in Durham, Middlesborough, Stockton-on-Tees, Sunderland, Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Warrington, and Yorkshire and Humber are also affected.

It comes as long-range forecasts from the Met Office predict snow dumping this week as Brits forget the mild weather they enjoyed for the New Year.

Widespread snow could fall this week as Arctic temperatures descend on areas of the UK with a "mixture of sunshine and wintry showers".

Hail or snow may fall away from coasts initially as WXCharts predict the white stuff across large swathes of the country.

Almost three inches may arrive before the weekend in the North East and West, as well as Northern Ireland.

Wales isn't off the hook either with a small set of flurries expected to settle between Tuesday and Friday.

Mercury may dive down to -4C in the areas at risk of snow in the arctic blast.

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