Bloke ‘scarred for life’ and vomiting in sleep after finding rat carcass in can

An unlucky peanut fan who found a rat carcass at the bottom of his lunchtime snack tin says he'll never eat canned food again.

North Carolina business owner John Rogers, 52, spotted a dark shape at the bottom of his can of Peanut Patch: Original Boiled Peanuts and soon realised it had eyes and a mouth.

John said: "As I kept eating and getting closer to the bottom of the can, I began to smell and taste something different.

"The odour had a raw flesh smell that reminded me of the innards of a deer when it is being field dressed.

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"This smell got stronger as I got closer to the bottom of the can, so I picked up the can and started looking inside."

John started shaking the can to check out what he thought was a bad peanut – but he had no idea.

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Traumatised Rogers said: "I reached for it and saw it was not a rotten peanut. I saw that it had eyes and teeth. I quickly realized it was as a rat.

"I did not know what to do. I felt very nauseous and shocked. I told some co-workers who were also completely grossed out."

John swiftly called can maker McCall Farms to complain, but they read from a script and gave him an email address to send the pics to.

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When he did email the traumatic images over, John says he was disappointed to be offered only $50 (£36) by way of an apology.

He said: "I was very set back and insulted with such a slap in the face. I declined the offer."

Worse still, the scarring event took a mental and physical toll on John, who needed emergency care and suffered horrible nightmares after the shocking find.

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He explained: "While sleeping I had a flashback of eating peanuts and beans.

"Next thing I knew, I was waking up gasping for air. I had a burning sensation in my lungs and chest. All I could taste was vomit in my mouth.

"I panicked, it lasted so long, my girlfriend called the ambulance thinking I was having a heart attack."

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Paramedics checked out John, who refused to be taken to the hospital. Soon enough he was feeling better.

John said: "My children were very scared because my face was bright red and I was struggling to breathe, thinking I was going to die or something."

Yet even a year later he is still facing the consequences of the sickening incident.

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Rogers added: "I am having flashbacks of that can and that rotten rat daily.

"I will not eat anything from cans anymore.

"It was so disgusting. I know this is a mental scar and struggle that I am going to suffer for the rest of my life."

McCall Farms have yet to respond to requests for comment.

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