Body of teen found after he met a man from Instagram called ‘Shrek’ to buy weed

The disappearance of a teenage boy who went to meet a stranger known as "Shrek" that he’d met on Instagram is now being investigated as a murder enquiry after a body was found in a wooded area a few his home.

Logan Wade from Georgia in the southern United States left his house on Thursday, October 7, reportedly to visit a branch of Krispy Kreme where he planned to buy marijuana from a person that he’d met via Instagram who called themselves "Shrek".

According to Clayton County police, Wade took his dad’s gun to the meeting.

At around 3:30 pm on Tuesday, October 12 a body was found in woodland behind a home on Saganaw Drive in Rex, a few miles south-east of Atlanta.

The body, which police believe is that of Logan Wade, had visible gunshot wounds – although the precise cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

Major Anthony Thuman from the Clayton County Police Department told reporters: "I know social media chatter is going on, but we believe this to be Mr Wade. At this point, we are actually trying to get DNA confirmation on whether or not it’s him."

Wade’s mother, Lisa Morris, said that he was not involved in gang activity.

"He was a good boy. He was gentle. He’s not this bad person that he’s been portrayed to be," she told WSBTV-2.

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"My son was not a drug dealer or gangbanger. That’s not who he was," Ms Morris said.

"He was a friend to everybody. He met no stranger."

She added that what’s important to her now is to find out who was responsible for his death so that the family can grieve properly:

"The people that are responsible need to pay for what they did, so they can’t do this to anybody else’s family," she said.

"He deserved to have a future full of good things. Not to lose his life at 15 years old."

Police said they have "multiple witnesses" that are helping them with inquiries and Maj. Thuman said that he was optimistic that the case would be brought to a speedy conclusion.

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