Boris Johnson urged to BAN Beijing from UK businesses – ‘Boycott everything!’

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Tensions between Britain and China started to escalate in recent weeks after the UK Government decided to remove Huawei 5G and suspend an extradition treaty with Hong Kong. Boris Johnson has come under increasing pressure to take an even tougher stance on Beijing, with readers urging the Prime Minister to ban China from UK businesses in a recent poll.

The survey, carried out from 1.30pm-10pm on July 21, asked: “As pressure grows on Boris, should China be banned from UK businesses?”

Out of 3,581 respondents, the vast majority backed the move.

93 percent (3,298 people) voted “yes”, while just seven percent (245 people) opted for “no”.

Less than one percent, 38 people, responded “don’t know”.

Readers took to the comments to justify why they voted in favour of banning Chinese influence within UK businesses.

It follows China coming under the spotlight over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the nation’s crackdown in Hong Kong.

One reader wrote: “Boycott everything…it’s time to turn our backs on this regime!”

A second user agreed and said: “Boot them out now!

“COVID has maybe done us a favour by waking us up to their game plan.

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“Yes, they will kick UK business out of China. We will cope.

“Our companies should not be there in businesses they do not and cannot control having their IP stolen on a day to day basis.”

A third user acknowledged that it would be hard to fully boycott Chinese products, but said they would try their best to do so anyway.

They wrote: “It will be hard but I will do my utmost to avoid Chinese products.”

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Another reader suggested consumers should be given the option to buy products from countries other than China.

They wrote: “Customers should be given the option to buy things from countries other than China.

“There are plenty of countries to buy cheap products from if they don’t want more expensive products.

“Give us the choice which a lot of us would gladly take.”

Another user suggested the whole world should turn their back on China, and wrote: “Not UK businesses, UK full stop. The world should turn its back on them.”

But one reader pointed out banning Beijing wouldn’t be that simple, and said: “Yeah go ahead and ban them, hope you realise that everything you rely on is made in China or has components made in China and unless the UK can put up factories overnight and turn a profit there isn’t a hope in hells chance.

“Other countries will not pull together and boycott them, why should they cut off their noses simply because the UK has a problem with China and Hong Kong.”

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