Brave nurse who lost arm and both legs to sepsis is found dead aged 53

A nurse who had lost her limbs to sepsis and was 'not having quality of life but enduring it' has been found dead.

Brave Jayne Carpenter from South Wales developed sepsis in 2016 and was admitted into the intensive care unit.

She had been trying to raise £265,000 for her operation after losing her left arm below the elbow, both of her legs and four fingers on her right hand.

Jayne's heartbroken husband Robert posted about her death after her body was found in their home on December 7.

On Facebook, he wrote: "The brightest star in my sky has burnt out."

Other tributes have poured in for the "kind and beautiful lady."

A family friend said: "Jayne was an inspiration to so many. She was always bubbly and positive – she will leave a massive void.

"It is so terribly sad – everyone will rally around Rob to give him all the support he needs," reports Mail Online.

Before her death, the hospital nurse had been raising money for a pioneering limb surgery not available on the NHS.

She had managed to raise £20,000 and had a target of £265,000.

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Her GoFundMe page read: "The surgery will enable me to live the life of an able-bodied person.

"All the things I loved doing and my independence were stripped from me overnight."

She added: "The NHS prosthetic provision is not sufficient to allow me to live the active life I want to lead,' she said. 'This to me is not having quality of life but enduring it."

When her life was turned upside down, the brave nurse had told husband Robert, 55, that he could leave her if he wished to.

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At the time, Jayne said: "It's been completely devastating and life changing. Getting sepsis is something you never predict will happen to you.

"It turned my world upside down.

"I haven't let it defeat me but I do get my dark moments."

Her illness began in April 2016 when she developed what she thought was a cough.

She said: "I'd had quite bad cough and was coughing up dark coloured phlegm.

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"I was getting worse and I just thought it was a virus.

"The following day I woke up and felt short of breath and couldn't walk anywhere.

"I thought it was a cough, as a nurse I thought it was something fairly trivial so didn't want to make a fuss."

Jayne described her symptoms to her local GP who advised her to go to A&E but did not suspect that she had the early stages of deadly sepsis, reports The Mirror.

She said: "I had gone from being a healthy, fit person to being critically ill in a flash and as a result of sepsis I ended up being a quadruple amputee.

"My life after sepsis has left me with lifetime, life-changing disabilities."

After losing her limbs, Jayne had told her husband he could leave – but he replied: "I married you not for your arms or legs but because I love you."

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