Brit killers freed to walk streets – evil paedo to ‘animal’ knife attacker

Child rapist Colin Pitchfork sparked fury after he was released from prison earlier this month, despite raping and murdering two teenage girls in the 1980s.

Lynda Mann, 15, was raped and strangled to death in November 1983 after walking home from a babysitting shift.

Then Dawn Ashworth, also 15, disappeared three years later – before her battered body was found in July of 1986.

Pitchfork became the world’s first killer snared using DNA evidence and was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 30 years in 1988.

But despite his heinous crimes, the 61-year-old was freed from jail and placed in a probation hostel this month.

Horrifyingly, he isn’t the only British monster to be freed in the past couple of years – here are five more chilling killers that were released from prison despite their grisly crimes.

1. John Broadhurst

Millionaire John Broadhurst killed his girlfriend during what he claimed was “rough sex” gone wrong in December 2016.

Natalie Connolly, 26, was left in a pool of blood by the stairs in their home in Kinver, West Mids, after suffering more than 40 injuries, including vaginal trauma.

Broadhurst stood trial accused of murder but was cleared.

Instead, he was sentenced to three years and eight months after admitting manslaughter by gross negligence.

A law change later scrapped the “rough sex” defefence. This meant it could no longer be argued that victims consented to injuries which caused their death.

But less than two years into his sentence, Broadhurst was released from prison in 2020.

The victim’s twin sister, Gemma Andrews, described feeling “physically sick” after he was freed.

2. Russell Causley

Russell Causley killed his lover and spent the next decade free before he was eventually convicted of murder.

Carole Packman, 40, disappeared in 1985 before her husband was convicted of murder in 1996 despite her body never being found.

His conviction was quashed in 2003 before a retrial found him guilty again. He was subsequently jailed for life one year later.

However, he was released last year aged 78 despite never revealing where he dumped his wife’s remains.

Before the decision was made, Causley’s grandson, Sam Gillingham, said he wouldn’t feel safe if the killer was back on the streets.

3. Peter Hastings

Peter Hastings killed Jean Bellis in her own home in Birmingham by stabbing her in the neck, chest and abdomen 29 times in 1993.

He wasn’t caught until six years later following a DNA breakthrough.

Hastings, aged 30 when he murdered Bellis, was jailed for life with a minimum term of 17 years in 1999.

However, he was set free last year.

The victim’s daughter, Vanessa Watts, had begged the Parole Board to reconsider.

4. Adam Stein

Paedophile Adam Stein kidnapped, raped and brutally killed a six-year-old girl in 1986.

The victim was Collette Gallagher and she was snatched by the predator while trying to catch a school bus in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Her body was found in Stein’s loft days later.

Stein, now 61, was given a life sentence to serve a minimum of between 18-20 years.

But he was freed in March this year on licence after serving 35 years for his sickening crime.

5. Paul Bostock

Double killer Paul Bostock killed two women in stomach-churning knife attacks.

The victims were Caroline Osborne, 33, and Amanda Weedon, 21.

Bostock stabbed Caroline in the neck, chest and body in July 1983.

Two years later, he knifed Amanda in the neck, chest and thigh a total of 37 times in April 1985.

He described himself as an “animal” and admitted the murders in 1986.

He was handed two mandatory life terms but was released last year.

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