Britons set for cool nights as expert predicts exact date heatwave will end

Weather forecasters have finally determined when uncomfortable sky-high temperatures will break. Wall-to-wall sunshine has drawn out Britons for several days in a row, with beaches and parks across the country crowded with people taking advantage of the summery climate. The night has proven less enjoyable, with highs remaining around 20C preventing people from sleeping soundly, but the latest forecasts suggest this could soon change.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud said the weather would “try and settle down” by midweek.

From Tuesday, temperatures will drop below 30C for the first time in a while but remain far-above average.

London is expecting 28C highs on Tuesday, with 27C on Wednesday and 26C until next Monday, June 19.

Mr Stroud said these temperatures would keep much of the country within “heatwave criteria”.


From Wednesday, June 14 to Friday, June 16, the Met Office outlook suggests the country will become “much fresher”.

Minimum temperatures will settle at a much more comfortable 11C in the southeast tonight, the agency predicted.

The Met Office adds that temperatures will start “trending downwards slightly”, but any relief may prove brief.

Nighttime temperatures will become “very warm” after the temporary drop towards the end of the week and sometimes approach the 20C mark.

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While daytime highs remain in the mid to high 20C range until Thursday, during the night, they will drop to between 15C and 16C.

On Friday, the mercury will rise to 17C, while the coming weekend will see it climb even higher to 18C.

The long-range forecast reveals more of the same for the rest of the month, with “hot or very hot” conditions possible until Monday, June 26.

The Met Office also heralded more discomfort for Britons, warning that temperatures would be “warm overnight”.

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The forecast covering the next two weeks also warns that further severe weather remains possible.

It reads: “Some showers, or thunderstorms possible, especially at first; greatest likelihood in the south, less so in the north.

“Warmer than average overall, with the highest chance of this in the west with very warm or locally hot weather possible.

“Eastern areas, especially coasts, may, however, see cloudier, cool periods in a cooler northeasterly wind.”

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