Brits’ favourite post-booze meal goes vegan with ‘meat-free doner kebabs’ coming

Your favourite after pub treat is changing – with doner kebabs now going vegan.

Kebab shops around the country could soon be filled with the fake meat substitutes – which look the exact same as the normal spinning meat towers. Germany has introduced the vegan options in their Turkish kebabs shops and now there are plans in the making to bring the plant based meats to Britain.

The Unilever group teamed up with veggie and vegan connoisseurs The Vegetarian Butcher and doner kebab producers The Duzgun Group to make the perfect combo of plant based takeaway. The creation was a vegan doner which cooks vertically, mimics shaving like a traditional kebab and is grilled the same.

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A Unilever spokesman said: “The development was an exciting challenge, it is a unique product with a long tradition. The plant based kebab is made from soy, plant based fats, herbs, spices and some natural flavours.

“These fats give the plant based kebab the same appearance, look, juiciness, and taste as an animal meat kebab. We added a lot of flavours and spices, such as traditional cumin, oregano, garlic and onion to get the authentic meat kebab taste using a plant based recipe.

“The joint development allowed us to understand and then mimic all the culinary aspects of the kebab: the flavour, the texture, the slicing and shaving as well as the grilling behaviour.”

The group have since launched the kebab in Germany and are now looking to push it around the rest of Europe, including the UK imminently.

Consumer demand for plant-based kebabs is certainly present, especially in Germany, where 60% of 16–59-year-olds say they would order a plant-based kebab, which comes as no surprise given 42% of people in the country are actively trying to reduce their meat intake.

Blue Yildizbakan, Project Leader at The Düzgün Group said: “We can deliver on a large scale and hence we are perfectly set up to offer restaurateurs an international supply chain for plant-based skewers.”

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