Brits to bask in long sunshine spells as ‘pleasantly warm’ front pushes mercury to 73F

UK Weather: Brits to bask in long sunshine spell

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Long spells of sunshine are expected to make their way through today’s afternoon making the day “pleasantly warm” for most parts of the UK, said BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor.  Lighter wind on Thursday with temperatures set to hit 23C (73F) degrees in southeast parts of the country. “Largely dry night” tonight with some outbreaks of rain to return to the south-east of Britain as the evening approaches, allowing a “mind enough start” on Friday morning, Mr Taylor said.

The BBC Weather forecaster said: “After a night of pretty nasty storms across southern England, they have now cleared away.

“One of two showers will come towards the south and east.

“But looking at the forecast we can see that we will have a gap between weather systems.

“Last night’s weather systems saw the clouds clear away and there is a lot of cloud streaming up from the west of France across England and Wales which will only produce the odd isolated shower and some high cloud.

“So the sunshine is hazy but even that moves out the way, so some longer spells of sunshine developing for the most part.

“And once again because the wind lighter today, it will feel pleasantly warm through the afternoon.

“We will see temperature peak at around 23C (73F) degrees in the south-east once the sun is out.

“Maybe 19C or 20C degrees in north-east Scotland.

“As we see the day out and go into tonight, it looks like it will be largely dry.”

Mr Taylor added: “It won’t be until later tonight that we start to see rain return to the south-west of England and one or two showers across the far west of Ireland as well.

“Temperatures down a little bit, to around 6C or 7C degrees at the lowest but it will be a mild enough starting Friday.”

Referring to Friday weather forecast, he said: “Friday completely different, the best of the sunshine to begin with.

“It will be across parts of Scotland and north-east England.

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“The south and east of England will see some outbreaks of rain to take you through the morning, some of which will be on the heavy side, and a small chance of thunder in the far eastern parts of Kent.

“Then showers develop more widely and some of those clouds will be heavy and a small chance of thunder, but it will feel fresher and breezy.

“Tomorrow with temperatures more widely in the high teens and a degree or two above where we should be at this stage in May.”

Referring to Saturday, he warned: “Looking at Saturday, a bright enough start with sunshine after a largely dry night and cloud will increase through the day and there will be showers across in the north and west but many will be dry”.

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