Bulldog’s attempt at Pilates doesn’t go to plan – and people can’t stop laughing

Bulldog Norman has been keeping his fans entertained on Instagram with a video that shows him doing Pilates alongside his owner.

It's not hard to see why the amusing video has raked in more than 60,000 views, it's hilarious.

Norman's social media fame is a far cry from his earlier life. He was rescued from a slaughterhouse truck in China and taken to the US, where he now lives a happier life in California.

Obviously keen on taking things easy, Norman enjoys working out alongside his owner, often joining in with a Pilates session.

Sharing one of these sessions on Instagram, the adorable bulldog can be seen laying on his own yoga mat copying his owner's moves, before swiftly giving up and deciding it's time for a rest.

The caption, posted by @Normanthesurvivor, read: “Norman really has this Pilates thing down. Wait for the strong finish!”

The video has received 63.2k views since it was posted as an Instagram Reel.

Posting a follow up, his owner joked: "Norman takes his Pilates workouts (and his breaks) very seriously!!"

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Lots of amused followers took to the comments, with one writing: "When we do abs…I'm Norman the dog.”

A second said: “Oh my, oh my!! How cute is he.”

A third added: “Working SO HARD.”

“Me, pregnant, trying to sleep,” joked another.

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