Capitol rioter begs judge to send him home to mum

The youngest Capitol rioter imprisoned pending trial has begged a judge to send him home to his mum, promising he would behave himself.

Bruno Joseph Cua, 18, has been in US Federal custody since February 5, when he was arrested for his role in the January 6 attack on the national seat of government in Washington DC.

Cua, who sent his parents a message saying “I love you both” after he was denied a bond last month, has written a plaintive letter to US District Court judge Judge Randolph D. Moss.

The teen, who described Capitol lawmakers as “swamp rats” in a January 6 online post, pleaded to be sent home to Atlanta, Georgia, as he awaits trial, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Cua is charged with assault on a federal officer, civil disorder and other crimes including entering the floor of the Senate.

Video of the siege, posted by The New Yorker, shows Cua in the Senate chamber and armed with a knife.

Following the riot, Cua posted on his Instagram page, “Yes, for everyone asking, I stormed the capital (sic) with hundreds of thousands of patriots.

“What happened was unbelievable … yes, we physically fought our way in.”

Cua joined the riot after attending the earlier rally near the White House with his parents, who drove him to Washington, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

In his letter to Judge Moss, he promised “not to step one foot out of line” if he was able to return home to the Atlanta suburbs.

Of his past online posts, Cua wrote “given how innaproprite (sic) my social media activity was, I truly understand your worries.

“I am not a danger to anyone, and I will absolutely never act on what I said.

“I have completely lost those aggressive feelings and moved on from the entire politcal (sic) idea.

“I was wrong.”

Prosecutors have opposed Cua’s release to his parents’ custody because they drove with him to Washington.


Late Friday, a former Donald Trump political appointee was arrested on charges he stormed the Capitol and assaulted an officer with a weapon.

Federico Guillermo Klein, a former State Department official, is the first Trump administration official arrested in connection with the insurrection.

Prosecutors will seek to imprison Klein, who appeared before a US Magistrate on Friday, pending trial.

The Washington Post reported that, according to court papers, Klein allegedly used a police shield to try and pry open a door, and called for reinforcements from within the crowd.

The papers also alleged he lost his red “Make America Great Again” hat in the chaos, then grabbed another cap off the ground that proved not to be a MAGA hat.

Klein, who was believed to have had State Department top-secret level security clearance, allegedly “physically and verbally engaged with officers holding the line” inside the Capitol entrance.

He is the most direct link to date between the Trump administration and the rioters.

Ahead of his bail hearing, Klein pleaded not to be confined where I “have cockroaches crawling over me while I attempt to sleep.

“It would be nice if I could sleep in a place where there were not cockroaches everywhere.”

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