‘Cash cow’ UK speed camera catches out 1,100 drivers in first 24 hours

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A single speed camera which caught 1,100 drivers in 24 hours on the first day it was introduced has been branded a 'cash cow' by critics of the new traffic calming measure.

The drivers were caught out during an eight-week test period prior to activation, during which time over 23,500 motorists broke the 20mph speed limit on the Plymouth road.

The startling figure prompted a warning from both the police and council ahead of the camera on Old Laira Road becoming fully operational.

Supt Adrian Leisk, roads policing boss for Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “The results from the cameras’ test period are really troubling and drivers are obviously ignoring the clear 20mph signs in that area."

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Supt Leisk added: “Speed is a big contributory factor in serious collisions. Travelling too fast both reduces the time in which a driver can react and increases the risk of serious or fatal injuries in the event of a collision."

The bi-directional speed camera system has been installed by Plymouth City Council following a consultation carried out last year.

Now those caught face being sent on a speed awareness course in most cases, Plymouth Live reports, although some could be given £100 fines and three points.

The new camera has split locals, however, with some lashing out at the measure.

Carl White, who owns a café near Old Laira Road, where the camera was place, branded it a cash cow.

He told The Sun Online : “It is an absolute nightmare, the limit is dangerously slow."

Mr White added: “I think they are doing all they can to rob people.”

But not everyone agreed, with Al Stewart, who lives next to the camera, saying neighbours "love it".

He said: "The main thing is the noise, everyone on the street loves how much quieter it is."

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