Center of Gravity festival in Kelowna announces it won’t be returning

The Center of Gravity festival in Kelowna won’t be returning – not just for 2020, but ever.

Last year, the popular festival announced that it was taking a hiatus for 2019.

As of Friday, a two-paragraph statement on the festival’s website says it won’t be returning after all.

“Thank you,” began a brief statement on the festival’s website.

“Since its inauguration in 2008, Center of Gravity grew to become one of the largest sports and music festivals in Canada. This would not have been possible without the love and support of our fans, artists, athletes, vendors, and partners.

“We are truly grateful for the contributions that each of you made to create this amazing event. We are announcing that Center of Gravity will not be returning.”

It continued, saying “to all our fans, we thank you for the support, energy, and passion that you brought to Center of Gravity.”

Global News has reached out to Center of Gravity’s founder, Scott Emslie, for comment.

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