Charles free to change name once he’s king and may even dub himself King Arthur

Charles could become the UK's first King Arthur since the days of the Round Table when he takes over from the Queen.

Academics at UCL's Constitution Unit suggested Prince Charles is free to take any of Philip, Arthur or George when he becomes monarch, the Express reported.

That's because his full name is Charles Philip Arthur George.

The Prince of Wales, 72, has given no indication which name he will use as king.

He could become Charles III, Philip I, Arthur I or George VIII.

Academics at UCL wrote explained this has precedent.

King Edward VII known as Albert before he took the throne in 1901 after the death of his mother, Queen Victoria.

The authors wrote: "King Edward VIII also chose Edward as his regnal title, although he was known to his family and friends as David.

"He is free to choose his own regnal title. "

Charles is the longest heir apparent in British history, having served as the Prince of Wales since he was just 10 years of age.

The prince also took on the title of Duke of Edinburgh after the death of his father, Philip, at 99 last month.

Charles is a world-famous but controversial member of the Royal Family, with detractors pointing to his failed marriage to the beloved Princess Diana.

He married longtime sweetheart Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005.

The future king has waded in to public debates around issues from architecture to climate change.

Charles tested positive for coronavirus in March 2020, which helped raise public awareness about the dangers of the disease.

He spoke out in January this year about fears coronavirus had dwarfed concerns about other long-term illnesses, adding cancer was in danger of becoming "the forgotten C".

In a newspaper column on behalf of the Macmillan cancer charity, the Prince warned up to 33,000 sufferers were waiting on much-needed treatment.

He wrote: “These are truly daunting circumstances.

"However, a charity set up to tackle cancer is not easily daunted and, as we have seen throughout this last year, right across our country the formidable will and compassion of the British people have outshone every darkness."

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