Child, 12, falls to death from ninth floor trying to rescue puppy

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A 12-year-old girl has died after she fell from her flat in the northern city of Ghaziabad, India. The girl, named Jyotsana, was playing with her five-month-old puppy in her bedroom when it ran to the balcony and got its head stuck in the iron grills.

Her father was away at work and her mother, Kiran, was busy in the kitchen, so Jyotsana tried to save the puppy herself.

Each time she tried to pull the dog out of the grills the head would get stuck. 

A family friend told the Times of India that Jyotsana climbed on to the balcony railing and used one hand to hold on to a nylon net which had been put up to stop birds entering the flat, and the other to pull the puppy out.

Jyotsana slipped and clung on to the net for support.

Hearing her cries, her mother ran to the balcony and tried to hold out her hand to save her, but she couldn’t reach.

The net couldn’t bear Jyotsana’s weight and gave way after a few seconds.

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Both the girl and her puppy plummeted nine floors onto the road below. 

The dog died instantly and Jyotsana was rushed to a private hospital. Tragically, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police officials say a preliminary investigation suggests the incident was an accident and the family did not want to lodge a police complaint.

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