‘Children found alive’ weeks after plane crashed in jungle

Four children have reportedly been discovered alive in Colombia five weeks after the plane they were tarevlling in went down over dense jungle.

They are reported to have been saved by members of Colombia’s military near where the Cessna 206 they were flying in crashed.

The children, aged 13, nine, four and 11 months, were on board the plane with three adults, including the pilot, who all died in the crash.

Extensive searches were being carried out to find the wreckage of the crash and identify if there had been any survivors.

Officials had previously voiced confidence that the passengers may have survived after finding discarded fruit the children had been eating to stay alive.

Rescuers had also discovered improvised shelters fashioned from jungle vegetation, Sky News reports.

Colombian President Gustav Petro said: “A joy for the whole country! The four children who were lost … in the Colombian jungle appeared alive.”

Mr Petro was forced to apologise two weeks after the party went missing after he erroneously announced they had been discovered safe and well.

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