Chinese police ’round up and slaughter pets to stop spread of coronavirus’

Chinese officials are culling pets family by family in a bid to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Fears the virus could be spread through animals began last month after a health expert claimed animals needed to be quarantined during the outbreak.

The World Health Organization have dismissed the claims, suggesting there is no evidence to show it can be transmitted to pets.

Despite this, local officials in Peng'an, China, have reportedly paid door-to-doer visits to villagers to kill their cats and dogs.

Activists have alleged community officers in the south-western Sichuan Province knocked on doors and ordered people to hand over their pets.

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Nanchong Missing Animal Aid Group claimed the animals were killed moments later on the street.

The organisation said the campaign was carried out at the township of Longcan in Peng'an County in Nanchong.

Distressing footage of the alleged incident has been shared by the group on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo.

The clips show a number of bloodied dogs lying in the back of a truck, and a limp pup strewn in the street.

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In a second video, shared by an animal activist, a man can be seen dressed in camouflage walking next to a lifeless dog.

The man, who is wearing a mask, touches the animal, while a few other people watch on.

Last week, community officers in another residential area in Nanchong were filmed clubbing stray dogs to death in broad daylight.

Animal rights group PETA have urged Chinese officials not to use the coronavirus outbreak as 'an excuse to abuse animals'.

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