‘Christmas miracle’ as giant light-up penis saves mum and daughter’s lives

A giant light-up penis has been hailed a " Christmas miracle" for saving the lives of a mum and her daughter.

Melissa Shenker escaped a raging fire at their home while she was out looking for the massive Christmas willy with her child.

Pictures of the festive display drawn in white string lights on top of a home had gone viral on social media.

Melissa's housemate told their rental home in Annapolis in Maryland, US, had burnt down while they were out hunting for the member dubbed Cape Penis on December 12.

She told Capital Gazette "Had we not been out looking for the Cape Penis house who knows what kinds of injuries myself and friends could have sustained."

The lewd display got its own Facebook page after becoming a local sensation earlier this month, the Sun reports.

But the lights had gone dim before Mellissa got there following killjoy complaints from the neighbourhood association.

Melissa's roommate had called to tell her he had escaped the raging fire just as the friends had decided to return home.

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Her friend Mary Newman added: “The penis lights kept her from harm.

“It was a Christmas miracle.”

The Christmas penis reportedly started out as a joke between two neighbours trying to "out-Griswold" each other's festive displays.

Matt Harriman said he had told his forces veteran neighbour he'd need a display with some "jingle balls" to beat his own.

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The blaze destroyed the home and reportedly took 55 firefighters from five departments to put out.

One suffered minor injures and was taken to John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center for treatment.

A GoFundMe has since been set up to help Melissa recover from the fire.

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