Cocaine, hookers and wild holidays – how ‘Lotto lout’ blew his £10m fortune

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Part-time bin man Mikey Carroll’s life changed forever when he won £9,736,131 on the National Lottery aged just 19.

The young offender, who had been jailed for shoplifting at the age of 13, says the lottery ticket was the best £1 he had ever spent but within ten years of scooping the jackpot, he had spent it all and was skint, homeless and nearly dead.

Mikey won the Lotto in November 2002 and he was still wearing an electronic tag for being drunk and disorderly on the day he collected the cheque, raising a celebratory glass of fizz to his winnings.

But within three years of his mammoth win, Mikey only had one million pounds left in his bank account.

Nicknamed "King of the Chavs", Mikey spent his winnings on a hedonistic lifestyle of drugs, booze and hookers.

At one point, he admitted that his cocaine habit alone saw him "sniff away" three houses and he was downing half a bottle of vodka before getting out of bed.

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Carroll’s debauched behaviour saw him appear in court more than 30 times, often turning up in flash cars and swigging cans of beer. He boasted that he had slept with 4,000 women but he also showed kindness by giving away £4m to his family and Sandra Aitken, his then-girlfriend and mother of his child.

The rest of his £5.7m fortune was squandered on maintaining an extravagant lifestyle, including crazy Spanish holidays with mates, often visiting the brothels when high on cocaine.

Bling-wearing Mikey also became infamous for throwing Big Macs and nuggets at pedestrians from his motors, including a Mercedes van emblazoned with “King of Chavs”.

Alcohol and drugs were soon a part of Mikey’s daily routine, often taking three lines of cocaine in the morning and drinking two bottles of vodka a day.

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His unpredictable, off-the-rails lifestyle soon put an end to his short marriage to Sandra, who was seven months pregnant with their daughter when he won the money.

Mikey’s Norfolk mansion hosted numerous wild parties and the lawn became a track for demolition car derbies.

The luxury property soon fell into disrepair and his brushes with the underworld was putting him in danger from gangsters across the country.

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Three years after his Lotto win, he was down to his last million and the “friends’” and hangers-on started to drift away.

Enemies were also circling and one morning he found his six Rottweilers dead, their throats slit.

Mickey, who was jailed for affray in 2006, revealed that gangsters had sent pictures of his family and threatened to "chop my daughter up, and my whole family". He claims he paid them £130k to back off.

By 2013, Mikey was skint, homeless and out of work.

He moved from Norfolk to Moray in Scotland and lived in a squalid hotel. He was also homeless for three months until he found work in a biscuit factory and then a slaughterhouse.

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When the slaughterhouse closed down, he picked up a £10-an-hour job as a coal man, working seven days a week.

Now in a new relationship, Mikey says he has no regrets for blowing his Lotto fortune and admits he would probably be dead by now if the money hadn’t run out.

He said: “I’m a skint lottery winner. It’s got me quite a few women so I don’t mind.

“I’m happy. I don’t have to look over my shoulder any more, no one’s going to hit me over the back of the head and rob me.

"I reckon I’m lucky to be alive. If I still had the money I’d probably be six feet under.

“It didn’t go wrong – it was the best 10 years of my life for £1.

"I wouldn’t want to turn the clock back. But I live a good, free lifestyle now and I’m happier because I’ve got my life back.”

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