Colorado prison offers inmates extra blankets as frigid cold strains heating system – The Denver Post

The Colorado Department of Corrections handed out blankets to inmates at the Fremont Correctional Facility on Sunday night as the prison’s heating system had trouble keeping up amid frigid conditions outside, officials said.

Temperatures near the prison dropped to at least -11 overnight, according to the National Weather Service at Pueblo, putting unusual strain on the prison’s heating system.

“The Fremont Correctional Facility is on a boiler system, which can take a while to fully regulate the temperature in a facility of that size, especially during extremely rare double-digit negative temperatures outside,” DOC spokeswoman Annie Skinner said in a statement Monday.

She did not immediately answer a question about how cold it got inside inmate living areas, but said the facility turned on a third boiler to increase the heat.

“Given the drop in temperatures last night, the facility needed to use the third boiler to support the other two,” she said in the emailed statement. “Once the third boiler went online, it encountered some maintenance issues that staff identified and fixed. The other two boilers were running the whole time and the facility was not without heat, but the facility did give extra blankets to those who wanted them.”

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