Cops trying to ‘stop people freaking out over serial killer’ after 6 women die

Police are trying to 'stop people freaking out over a serial killer' after six woman were found dead in secluded areas around a US city.

Six women, all under the age of 40, were found dead in the greater Portland area of Oregon, US, in the last few months.

Each body was found in a wooded or secluded area, fuelling the fire of online theories about the deaths.

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On Sunday (June 4), Portland police said it has "no reason to believe these six cases are connected" – but would not say why.

The force said: “The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) has been hearing widespread questions and concerns about the death investigations of six women throughout the region, especially after widely distributed social media posts and news media articles appeared to suggest a connection between them.

"These discussions have led to some anxiety and fear in our community, and we want to provide reassurance that the speculation is not supported by the facts available at this point."

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Bridget Webster, 31, Ashley Real, 22, Kristin Smith, 22, JoAnna Speaks, 32, Charity Lynn Perry, 24, and an unidentified woman were all found recently.

JoAnna Speaks' sister, Robyn, told NewsNation's 'Banfield' that authorities have been 'very helpful' in her sister's case but raised fears that 'women are dying'.

"I think that they (police) are trying to make sure that they keep the public from being too freaked out about a serial killer. Either way, women are dying. And the numbers are rising," she said.

JoAnna died from blunt head and neck injuries and was inside a barn on an abandoned property around 22 miles north of Portland.

A source close to the investigation said the comment from police about the woman not being linked is premature.

Three of the women 'had been known to frequent' some of the same areas, the source told Oregon Live.

"It was premature to state that these deaths are unrelated or related," the source said. "Investigators always look for commonalities with unsolved homicides."

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