Coronavirus Italy: San Vittore prisoners set Milan jail on fire over virus visit ban

Coronavirus cases jumped to over 7,000 in Italy over the past two day, forcing Italy’s Government to put the whole region of Lombardy and 11 provinces in complete lockdown to avoid further contagion. A ban to visitors in San Vittore High-Security Prison in Milan resulted in prisoners taking to the roofs and setting fire to their cells in protest. Footage shared online shows part of the San Vittore building smoldering with black smoke billowing from inside the prison. 

The revolt began at 8am (7am GMT) and eyewitnesses suggested the prisoners first attacked the prison’s internal hospital, taking hold of all medications available. 

Medical staff and volunteers inside San Vittore at the time of the protest were quickly evacuated and Police were dispatched to bring back the peace.

The prisoners were spotted climbing on the roof of the high-security prison screaming for “freedom” before coming down after the flames took hold of the building.

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