Couple hit with £14k fine for sending their raunchy content in group chat

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    A couple who posted a racy video in a group chat were left in a "complete state of shock" after they were handed an eye-watering fine.

    Jeffrey Chue and his wife Nguyen Thi Anh Thy, from Singapore, left the country for good after they were forced to sell everything they owned to pay £14k for an X-rated video posted to a private channel on the social media app Telegram, the New York Times reported.

    The video, taken by Chue in May 2020, shows Nguyen in a spaghetti strap top and shorts posing outside a mall.

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    She then looks around before pulling down her top, showing off one of her breasts.

    They claim no one saw them make the video, and a day after filming Chue uploaded it to the private channel, used mostly by swingers and people interested in group sex.

    However, the channel saw more and more users sign up and the couple eventually discovered the video had been distributed on other channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

    Chue tried to delete the video in a bid to stop it being shared further, but the video had already been shared to a number of public sites.

    The next day, photos of Nguyen appeared on the front page of a national newspaper with the headline: "Husband takes nude photos of wife on street."

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    Around 10 police officers then raided the couple’s apartment two days later and arrested them after an anonymous tip-off.

    “I was in a complete state of shock,” Chue said.

    The pair were fined $17k Singapore dollars (£14k) by a court that found the video, as well as other photos of Nguyen, had violated the country’s laws against nudity and obscenity.

    The couple were also convicted of providing and abetting false information.

    "We didn’t do what we did at the expense of anyone," Chue said in an interview with The New York Times.

    "Our point is, what they’ve done to us – do we deserve this?"

    Chue was accused of using social media "to entice followers" to subscribe to his Telegram channel, which breaches local laws on the distribution of "any obscene object."

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    Chue admitted he "made a stupid mistake" and took the blame for it.

    The pair have since left Singapore for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where Nguyen is originally from.

    They say they don't plan on ever returning.

    Singapore has relatively strict laws on nudity and has, in the past, proven not to be lenient with these rules.

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    However, public attitudes are beginning to change and supporters of the couple have asked why sexual activity between consenting adults is still criminalised.

    Singapore also allows prostitution in a regulated district – although hundreds of sex workers operate outside these bounds in karaoke bars, leading Chue and Nguyen to brand law enforcement hypocritical for going after them.

    Singapore’s minister for communications and information, Josephine Teo, said last year in a conversation about OnlyFans that the government must "ensure that such content creation platforms do not expose Singaporeans to the risk of exploitation and abuse, especially our youth."


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