Couple sparks outrage after using a wild tiger for lavish gender reveal in Dubai

A couple has sparked outrage after they used a wild tiger to help pull off their extravagant gender reveal in Dubai.

The video, which has been seen by thousands online, shows the fierce animal set its sight on a round balloon on a beach next to the popular Burj Al Arab hotel.

In the footage, the tiger leaps into the air and pops one of the balloons with its claws to reveal the baby's gender.

A pink powder could then be seen flying in the air to reveal the expectant parents are having a baby girl.

But the controversial video has since sparked debate online with some social media users questioning whether the act is illegal.

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One furious user wrote on Instagram: "I'm sickened by the mentality of the people who think this is ok."

Another person said: "This isn’t something to be proud of. These animals are not pets."

While another wrote: "Absolutely ridiculous! Such a shame! Let the wild be in the wild!"

Some users thought the video was funny and questioned whether the tiger was set to give birth to a cub.

"Ridiculous, weird and it’s a girl! Not sure I want a tiger to do that reveal but is the tiger pregnant," another user commented.

"Is [ the ] gender reveal for this tigers cub?," another person asked.

Recently authorities in Dubai issued a warning and said that any wild animals that are brought into a public environment are banned under the Emirate’s laws, reports Times Now News.

Those who act against the law could face a lengthy jail sentence of up to six months it was reported back in May after a wild cat was on the loose.

What do you think about wild animals being used for gender reveals? Leave your comments below.

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