Couple suffer horror injuries after plunging off waterfall on their first date

A couple on a first date narrowly avoided death after slipping off a waterfall while on a hike.

Jordan Bennett and Zania Robinson were hiking DeSoto Falls in Georgia, US, when they suddenly found themselves battling the elements in a storm.

The couple fell from the top of a waterfall approximately 120 feet high before having to endure a 30-minute hike afterwards with severe injuries.

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Zania suffered extensive wounds on her face while Jordan fractured both his shoulders, reports the Mail.

But in a strange twist of fate, the horror drop may have actually saved Jordan's life as doctors discovered he had stomach cancer while hospitalised with his injuries which he is now receiving treatment for.

The couple's shared trauma has seen them develop a strong relationship and they say they now have a lifelong bond.

The date started off really well, as Zania explained.

"We took pictures, had our first kiss up there. It was a moment," she said.

Once they kissed, however, a storm moved in out of nowhere and they began slipping off the edge, with Zania plunging down the waterfall.

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"Without hesitation, it was just like, go get her. Instinct," said Jordan.

"I kept telling her, repeat after me: 'You're brave, you're strong, you've got this'."

After both plunged down the fall, they managed to get out of the water before walking 30 minutes to the nearest hospital.

Zania initially feared her facial injuries would cause Jordan to be no longer interested in her.

"I felt ugly. I didn't like what I looked like anymore. I didn't think he would like me," she said.

But once they reunited after their ordeal, Jordan asked her out.

Jordan explained: "She said 'how do I look?' I said 'you look beautiful'. Just seeing her that way, it built a bond that won't ever be broken."

However, Jordan's condition kept getting worse, with doctor's stumped as to why.

They later found that he had stomach cancer, much to the shock of Jordan and his family.

He is to undergo surgery to remove his stomach in March, where doctors will attach his oesophagus to his small intestine.

Thankfully, he will have Zania right by his side and expects to make a full recovery.

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