Couple with piles of rotting food buy new clothes to avoid doing laundry

A couple who live among piles of rotten food and soiled underwear have revealed they buy new clothes because they can’t be bothered to wash the ones they own.

Sarah and Jordan, from Belfast, were dubbed the "partners in grime" when they opened their filthy flat to BBC Three’s Fight Dirty.

The show gives groups of friends just five hours to tidy each others houses – with the winners walking away with £1,000.

Sarah says her tidying policy is “out of sight, out of mind” – even though her mum works as a cleaner.

She claims the worst part of living amongst the rubbish was the smell – saying you can “feel it in your eyes”.

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The couple admitted they often buy new clothes instead of washing existing ones – with one stomach-churning shot showing a pair of soiled boxers covered in “everything”.

Sarah added: “To be fair, a lot of the time this year, we bought new clothes instead of cleaning.”

Sarah and Jordan will face off against Matthew, Lorcan, Gavin and Ronan – dubbed the "party boys".

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The students live in a filthy home with a sink clogged with sick, freely admitting they live in a “fly infested s******e”.

They claim there is no point in tidying up as the house will just get “trashed” again.

Gavin joked: "If my mum or my dad were to walk into this house, they'd call me a disgrace. It's minging."

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A BBC spokesman said: "As well as some truly jaw-dropping filth, along the way there’s top cleaning hacks, like using cola to clean a vile toilet, why damping down mould before scraping it off could save your health.

"There’s also a special tip from our very own Grime Artist.

“If there’s one thing she likes more than Grime Music, it’s actual grime and she’s written a track that tells you how to clean your mouldy shower using the power of slugs. Seriously."

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